SE CH Seadis Deanna Milligan Laguna

 SE CH Dabka’s Chaspar  x  NO CH Seadis Al Qahira

”LAGUNA”                               Saluki, longhair                              2006-11-09








SE CH Seadis Deanna Milligan Laguna


is a fawn and small saluki princess, who has lovely body and great movements. Laguna is a swedish champion and she also has some nice success in show rings.

For example she was Best of Breed-Intermediate 2008 at Lövudden “Skokloster Summer Show”, the big and famous Saluki Specialty in Sweden, the judge was Saija Juutilainen, Finland.

In Råneå show 2010 she was Best of Breed under the judge mrs. Dagmar Hintzerberg-Freisleben (kennel Sawahin).

At Lövudden “Skokloster Summer Show” 2011, the big Saluki Specialty in Sweden, she won the Best Bitch-title (out of 80 saluki bitches) under judge mrs. Janet Littell Adam, USA. Finally that day she was BOS under judge mr. David Perkins, GB. On this show she also won the Best Movements.

Laguna is an independent, proud and confident girl with ladylike attitude. She has always been very easy dog to live with. She really has a sweet, friendly and calm temperament. But outside she loves to run and play with other dogs.

Laguna loves to chase the lure. She almost has the Lure Coursing -lisence, only one approved test run is missing. Then she will be able to compete in LC.


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