The Kennel

Kennel Chafann’z has a small scale of salukibreeding and we are located in Gällivare in north of Sweden. We have incredible northern lights, snowy winters, a lot of forrest and a beautiful midnight sun in the summer. Our dogs are our beloved familymembers and they are with us almost everywhere.

Our goal with the breeding is sound, healthy and typical salukis with a good mentality. Important for us is also to preserve the salukis unique capacity of a good body in interaction with good functional movements, just like the hunters saluki always been since time immemorial.

Kennel Chafann’z is also registered breeder of Italian greyhound, but for now we have no plans for IG-puppies until maybe in the future.

Lotta Baggström  &  Fanny Nyberg  *  Phone: +46 (0)70-221 45 40  *  e-mail.

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