About us

We both behind the kennel name Chafann’z is me Lotta Baggström and my daughter Fanny Nyberg. The day we realized that we wanted to start breeding, but in a small scale and at home environment, we took the kennelname Chafann’z. For now we have two female dogs at home, my saluki ”Laguna” (Seadis Deanna Milligan Laguna) and Fannys italian greyhound ”Flora” (Fancy Italian Flora). Kennel Chafann’z is registered breeder of both Saluki and Italian greyhound, but for now we have no plans for Italian greyhound-puppies until maybe in the future.                       

Interest in dogs has always been there for us since childhood, both for me and Fanny, in fact all animals but dog interest has always been the biggest. The breed I Lotta always had since childhood is long-haired dachshund, always red one. Even when I grew up and got my own family I had this breed, so that is why even Fanny grew up with dogs.

Flora & Fanny

But when Fanny got older, during the time that I read a lot about the saluki and sighthounds, she started to become interested in the italian greyhound. Later when she really decided that she wanted a little italian greyhound, she had to wait for a better opportunity because in that time she went to school in Luleå, (but my saluki ”Laguna” came to us about that time). After a while she moved back to Gällivare again and finished her studies here. And then she began to work and could save for her little italian greyhound.

After a while she saw that Sarah Svensson, who has kennel Fancy Italian in Boden, had a litter. After emails and phone calls, we traveled there with Fanny because she was going to look and choose one of them. But it was not only Fanny who was thrilled and chose the puppie who was ”Flora”, in fact Flora also chose Fanny.

Later when the puppies was eight weeks we went with Fanny to Boden again, but this time because Flora was going home with Fanny to her new home in Gällivare. And I, Fanny’s mother Lotta, dont think I seen a happier girl that day when she sat in the car with her dear little ”Flora” in her knee on the way home.                                                    Many THANKS again Sara because you had the confidence to let Fanny take care of Flora, to be her dear friend and our beloved family member!

I Lotta have always since I was a child admired the saluki from a distance and thought they are so amazingly beautiful. But the really dream of an own saluki came first when I was an adault, and when someone I know bought a wonderful and sweet little salukipuppie. So since that day when I had the opportunity to get really close to a saluki I just loved the breed, and I wanted so much to have my own salukifriend. 

Laguna & Lotta

But after that, I must still wait many years before I could take my own saluki. The biggest reason then was because my dachshund I had got sick for a long time. She must then go to sleep forever. After long time of sadness and missing, as always, came my thoughts and wishes for a saluki to me again. And after some search, I got in touch with a wonderful Heidi Hansen who has Seadis kennel. She had a pregnant female, Seadis Al Qahira, so I can really say that I was there from the beginning with my saluki.

Happiness can hardly be described when I finally got to bring home the sweetest little female-puppy, my own saluki ”Laguna”. She is a joy every day! Many THANKS again Heidi because you had the confidence to let me take care of Laguna, to be my dear friend and our beloved family member!

A great wish was a daughter after Laguna. She was mated and we hoped so much, but unfortunately she went empty :(

 Lotta Baggström  &  Fanny Nyberg  *  Phone: +46 (0)70-221 45 40  *  e-mail. info@chafannz.se